What Carmelo Anthony’s Return Means…

Much ado about nothing. We spent over two weeks wondering where Carmelo was going and forecasting how the Knicks would look without him, and what happens? Will Clemanthony Early take a gazillion shots with no one else in New York shooting?? How will the triangle offense go?? Tim Hardaway Jr.???

Nevermind, Carmelo’s back. So what does this mean for the Knicks next year?

What the Chandler Parsons/Trevor Ariza moves Mean…

What a weekend. Remember how sure I was about Chris Bosh? Well, the rumors were that with Bosh, the Rockets were going to throw the salary cap to the wind and match whatever offer was thrown at Chandler Parsons, even a 3-year/46 million offer. Well, Bosh is now back in Miami, and the Rockets have decided to let Parsons walk and replace him with Trevor Ariza for half the price. How does this affect the two team’s rosters?

What Paul Pierce to the Wizards Means…

Paul Pierce┬ásigned with the Washington Wizards last night. While most of the early rumors suggested he was going to the Clippers and much was made of Brooklyn’s bird rights on him, Pierce managed to sign with a team that none of the rumors connected him to. So what does this mean for fantasy?

The Indecision is Over

Well, after much deliberation and suspense, Lebron has signed. Yes free agency started nearly 2 weeks ago, but it feels as if only now has the off-season truly started. The day has been interesting, because almost as surprising as Lebron going home was Chris Bosh NOT going home. I would have bet almost ANYTHING Bosh was going to Houston to play with Dwight Howard and James Harden. I was so sure, I had already called Josh McRoberts my sleeper pick of the year. Good thing I’m not a betting man.

Without further ado, let the off-season begin! Over the summer, you will see more updates than during the last season, as we break down position rankings and out-of-position stats. We will also be launching a draft companion later on in the year, which will be an easy-to-use do-it-yourself that will advise you on how to draft based on what position and stat you’re looking for.

Look forward to an exciting summer, and turn on a summer league game or two. Those’re always exciting!


The NBA playoffs started this weekend, and I found myself checking Kevin Durant’s box score continuously to see how he’s doing. And then I remembered, that the fantasy season is over. I’ve documented my team on and off here, so how did I do?